Most Useful Site Scraping Tools for Developers – Brief Overview From Semalt

Web crawling is widely applied in different areas these days. It is a complicated process and requires a lot of time and efforts. However, different web crawler tools can simplify and automate the entire crawling process, making data easy-to-access and organized. Let us check out the list of most powerful and useful web crawler tools to date. All of the tools described below are quite useful for developers and programmers.

1. Scrapinghub:

Scrapinghub is a cloud-based data extraction and web crawling tool. It helps from hundreds to thousands of developers fetch the valuable information without any issue. This program uses Crawlera, which is a smart and amazing proxy rotator. It supports the bypassing bot counter-measure and crawls the bot-protected websites within seconds. Moreover, it lets you index your site from different IP addresses and various locations without any need of proxy management, thankfully, this tool comes with a comprehensive HTTP API option to get the things done instantly.


As the browser-based web crawler, lets you scrape and extract both simple and advanced sites. It provides three main options: Extractor, Crawler, and Pipes. is one of the best and amazing web scraping or web crawling programs for developers. You can either save the extracted data to your own machine/hard disk or get it hosted on's server for two to three weeks before it gets archived.

3. enables developers and webmasters to get the real-time data and crawls almost all types of content, including videos, images, and text. You can further extract files and use the wide array of sources such as JSON, RSS, and XML to get your files saved without any problem. Moreover, this tool helps access the historical data from its Archive section, which means you will not lose anything for the next few months. It supports more than eighty languages.

4. Import. Io:

Developers can form private datasets or import data from specific web pages to CSV using It is one of the best and most useful web crawling or data extraction tools. It can extract 100+ pages within seconds and is known for its flexible and powerful API, which can control programmatically and allows you to access the well-organized data. For a better user experience, this program offers free apps for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows and lets you download data both in text and image formats.

5. 80legs:

If you are a professional developer and are actively looking for a powerful web crawling program, you must try 80legs. It is a useful tool that fetches huge amounts of data and provides us with high-performance web crawling materials in no time. Moreover, 80legs works rapidly and can crawl multiple sites or blogs in mere seconds. This will let you fetch the entire or partial data of news and social media sites, RSS and Atom feed, and private travel blogs. It can also save your well-organized and well-structured data in JSON files or Google Docs.